Welcome to the Lash Stop Bay Area. Most women or men don't have the time or patience to apply false lashes every day. Save time in the morning and always look fresh and ready to conquer the world! Wink Wink! Eyelash extensions come in a variety of lengths, curls, widths, and colors for a fully customized look. There are three types of lash extension materials; synthetic, silk, and faux mink. Size availability ranges from 6 to 16mm.

The Lash Stop provides three different kinds of methods for eyelash extensions:

*Classic Set*- Eyelash extensions are single eyelashes that are bonded to your natural lashes individually to compliment your eyes. The process is semi-permanent and involves the specialized adhering of a synthetic lash to each individual lash of your own, one by one.


*Lashful Set (Volume & Classic Mix)* - Eyelash extension combination of Classic (single) and Volume (multiple) applied to each individual eyelash of your own. This package has become very popular due to the natural yet fluffier look. Lashful set can be a daily wear without being too dramatic.

*Russian Volume*- Eyelash extensions applied to each of your individual eyelashes and in addition, the quantity is increased from 2-6 lashes (lashes are very light weight) that are carefully fanned out on each separate lash. This method will enhance and fill the eyelashes by double or triple the amount versus the Classic Set. Russian Volume are generally recommended for special events.